Friday, October 10, 2008

Actual CVS purchase

As noted in the previous post, it's always important to have a plan B when deal shopping. You can look at the last post to see my proposed deal at CVS. Here's the way it really happened this morning:

Bic soleil razor refill: 5.99 (as planned)
Always infinity: 4.98 (as planned)
Vitamin water: 2.29 (as planned)
Colgate max fresh: 2.99 (not as planned, but close)
2nd always infinity: 4.98 (not as planned)

Total: 21.23
Tax: 0.64

$4 off $20 coupon -4.00
Always Free coupon -4.98
Bic IP coupon -2.00
Colgate MQ coupon -1.00
ECB -8.99 (a 3.99 and a 5.00)
OOP 0.90

ECB I got on my receipt:
Always x 2: 9.96
Bic soleil: 4.00
Vitamin water: 2.29
Colgate: 2.00

Total ECB: 18.25
New ECB - spent ECB - OOP: 18.25 - 8.99 - 0.90 = 8.36 in made money

So, I still made $8. Here's what happened: the always were labeled $1 ECB back, but I had this week's ad showing that it was $4.98 back. I had also read online that the limit was 2, not one, so I had that as a backup. They were out of this month's free vitamin D as well as the well care patches, so that was out. I found the soleil refill razors fine too, and those were properly marked.

The colgate max fresh regular toothpaste was properly labeled, but they were out. I looked at the ad, and it also showed a max fresh toothbrush and a max fresh toothpaste with mouthwash beads included on the sale for the ECB deal. I looked around, and both the toothbrush and weird toothpaste were in stock, but they weren't labeled as a part of the deal. I got the weird toothpaste because it was included on my coupon (and I love my battery toothbrush at home, so I knew I wouldn't use a manual toothbrush). So, that went semi-as planned.

There were plenty of vitamin waters, so that was fine. Ultimately, I had to get another always infinity pack, and I only had one "free" coupon, but considering it was free after ECBs anyway, it was a good substitute.

Since I had a few deals that weren't labeled as advertised in the circular, I was very careful to watch everything ring up at the register. Sure enough, they all rang up at sale price, all my coupons went through without a hitch, and all my ECB printed off. It's very important to check your receipt before you leave the parking lot--it's much easier to get things fixed if you go right back in the store. And since ECB print off right away, checking for mistakes is much quicker than waiting for rebates to post online (like at Walgreens and Rite Aid).

So, not a bad trip. I also got three new coupons at the bottom of my receipt: $3 off excedrin express gels, $1 off speed stick deodorant (which is on sale this week--this would be free for me), and $1 off photo processing. These are also tied to my store card, so I can't give them to anyone, but maybe I'll use them. We'll see.

Also, my reciept said "offer limit reached" on the always and the vitamin water, so they had limits of 2 and 1, respectively. I have one more available offer on the colgate max fresh and the bic soleil, so those are offer limit 2. The well patch is also offer limit 2 (not 5, as some people had said online) because I bought one last week and only have 1 left. I also often buy hershey bars as filler items, and if you buy 10 you get one free. I don't try for that deal, but I have 4 candy bars towards a free one (six to go).

Just thought I'd give you a walk through. And since this $4 off $20 coupon is good till Sunday, I may use it again for next week's deals. We'll see if there is anything I need. Rite Aid is already having a killer sale, so I may just do that. I'll work on getting that deal up for you by tomorrow night. It's complicated, but I'll explain it as best as I can.

Happy deal hunting!

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