Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mixed results

Well, just to prove that I am still learning this deal stuff too, my Rite Aid deals didn't go as planned. I got there at 8:30, and there were plenty of cold supplies in stock. Problem was, my Rite Aid doesn't take internet coupons. This is probably something I should have known, but I do the Rite Aid deals so infrequently that I've never had to use an IP (internet printable) there before.

At least I asked before I started shopping.

I went to the next closest Rite Aid and asked if they took IPs. They said they didn't. I asked if she knew any area Rite Aids that did, and the cashier told me that it's Rite Aid's policy as a company not to take IPs.

Now, I know there are Rite Aids out there that do, because people have posted online that they do. However, mine don't.

So, I decided to do only a few of the deals. In my first transaction, I bought:

Triaminic vapor fan 3.99 (couldn't use my coupon)
Orajel cold sore brush 6.99
Tax 0.85
Total 11.83
SCR (rebate) coming: 10.98

And the orajel has a $1.50 mail in rebate (the link is on the previous post). So, I'll still make a little money. But I'll use both items.

My second store, I bought:
Comtrex cold medicine 3.99
Pediatric sinus rinse kit 4.99
Coupon on sinus rinse -1.00
Cherry chest rub (like Vick's) 2.99
Tax 0.93
Total 11.90
SCR coming: 11.97

And the sinus rinse has a $3 mail in rebate, so that plus the $1 off sticker that was on the box (a pleasant surprise) makes that run a money maker too.

I just didn't feel like doing more transactions for mail in rebates and other products. It goes back to me only buying what we'll use. The vapor fan and chest rub are for Sophie, since she can't have cold medicine. The rinse is something new we'll try. The comtrex is for us, and the cold sore stuff is for my sister.

I saw people getting multiples of everything and loading up carts. I'm sure they're making some money, but I just didn't think it was worth it. If it is for you, more power to you :)

The deal runs till Saturday. If they run out, you can always ask for a rain check, but that is sometimes hit or miss, especially with rebates that only run one week. I prefer not to deal with the hassle unless it is something I really want.

Good luck!

(PS I checked the sinus rinse rebate online, and the rebate is for packages that have 50 or 100 mix packs in it. Mine has 25, so I don't think it qualifies. But with the $1 off coupon on the box, it at least makes the deal free after tax).

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