Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rite Aid deals for 10/12

Ok, I am running behind today, but I wanted to get you the Rite Aid deal I was talking about. They are having a "feel better for free" sale starting tomorrow. There are a ton of cold and flu products available free after rebate. I don't know what the stock will be like, so you may want to get there early.

As always, Rite Aid is pay out of pocket, get a rebate check back later. You will have to pay tax out of pocket, without a rebate for it later. And all of these are limit 1.

I don't have time to get the whole list up, but go to the slickdeals message board here and check out the deal for the week. Here are the coupons I found to match up:

Triaminic: $2 coupon (little box in right corner of page)
Theraflu: $1 coupon
Advil childrens: $1 coupon
Nexcare cold sore treatment: $2 coupon
Neil med neti pot: $3 rebate (fill in your email, they'll send you the link)

Now, you need an original receipt for each mail in rebate. So you need to buy each of these in a different transaction in order to get all the mail in rebates. A pain in the butt, I know.

Sucrets: $2 mail in rebate (rumored to not be very reliably paid out)
Chapstick shimmer: free after mail in rebate in Sunday's paper
Orajel: $1.50 mail in rebate
Breathe again: $2 mail in rebate
Neil Med sinus rinse: $3 mail in rebate (just print the info from the web page rebate site)

I'm not going to get every free thing listed--I don't need them--but I'll let you know tomorrow how successful I was. Good luck!

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