Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That went fast

The birthday party this weekend went well. The big surprise was that my sister flew in from California for the weekend. My mom's birthday is the day before Sophie's, and we had a surprise brunch Saturday morning. By the time Amy flew in, everyone in my immediate family knew she was coming except my mom. We had all worked out an elaborate scheme so as to not make her suspect anything. For once, we all kept a secret! I almost slipped at one point, but I somehow made it to Saturday.

It was wonderful to spend the weekend with the sister and my fam. We were all exhausted--playing Guitar Hero until 2 AM Friday night will do that--but it was worth it.

The actual party went well. We had about 40 people show, which was more than I expected but how many I planned for. We actually didn't have twenty pounds of food left over, which may be a first for a family gathering. I was really touched that so many extended family members showed up. My house is a real hike for most of them. I was thrilled they made the drive.

I also dyed my hair Saturday night. My cousin and sisters did the actual dyeing/straightening. It's a reddish brown, which is a change of pace. A welcome change, though, considering I haven't dyed my hair since college. Now I just need to get it cut...

Without further ado, some pictures:
Joe, Amy, and Sophie chilling pre-party

Sophie and her own little cake

Sophie wasn't so sure about the icing...

Me, Sophie, Jen, Joe, and Amy trying to coax Sophie into trying her cake...

Joe, Jen, Amy, Sophie, and my dad.

Me post hair dye in Amy's glasses and coat--me being Amy for Halloween.

My cousin Heather, me, Jen, and Amy being shades of red to brown.

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