Friday, November 21, 2008

Spoke too soon

Well, I figured posting about Tim being home when he was actually on his way home was a safe bet. As I should have learned from almost every business trip he's taken, getting home is not a guarantee.

First, his flight from Dulles to Cleveland was delayed two hours. The plane was there, but apparently it needed maintenance. So already his arrival moved from 2 PM to 4 PM. He was still planning to pick up Sophie when he got in (I had meetings all afternoon), so I thought we were ok.

I checked his flight status before one of my meetings, and he was in the air. When my phone rang at 4, I figured he was landed on the strip and ready to unload from the plane.

I was right on that. Problem was, he was in Pittsburgh, not Cleveland. Apparently the plane had an engine malfunction in the air, and they had to land at the closest airport. Tim said they even had emergency vehicles waiting on the strip in case they were needed. Sounds like fun!

So, it's 4 PM, and Tim's in Pittsburgh. I had to rush out to get Sophie while he figured out a plan. The next flight to Cleveland wasn't until later. He was going to try and rent a car, but the weather in the snow belt between Cleveland and Pittsburgh was forecasted to be pretty bad. I offered to drop Sophie off at my parents and drive out to get him. I didn't want to risk driving with Sophie in bad weather, but I also didn't want Tim to be stranded.

He was able to get a rental car (thank goodness!). He had to drive to the Cleveland airport to get his truck and drop off the rental, but he finally got home about 7 PM. I guess the weather was pretty treacherous for a good distance, but he made it.

And today is his 30th birthday. What a birthday present--at least he didn't get stuck on his actual birthday. But all of his travel misadventures make me think he's better off working via teleconference. Maybe someone is trying to tell us something...

Anyway, happy birthday Tim. My parents are coming up tonight to watch Sophie so his parents can take Tim & I to dinner. Sophie's not quite ready for the nicer restaurants yet. And then we're all meeting back at my house for cake & ice cream. Low key, but apparently that's what Tim wants. I offered to throw a party, or watch Sophie so he could go out with the boys, but he's not interested in really celebrating. It's his birthday, so I've got to follow what he wants. With the big snows coming through, this may not have been the best weekend for a party anyway.

Gotta love winter (or not...)

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  1. So here's my question - What airline was Tim flying...

    because I'm not too keen on an airline who flies a plane that needs 2 hrs of maintance when it lands. And then, AFTER the 2 hrs of maintance, still has to make an emergency landing (with emergency vehicles on standby)!!!