Friday, December 12, 2008

Of course

So, I have to get up pretty early some mornings (5ish) to be into work in time to have my experiments set up. These days are usually Thursday and Friday at a minimum. So, being Friday, today was one of those days.

Of course, since I had to be in early, everything went wrong.

Of course I didn't get up on time.

Of course my water bottle filled with diet coke was leaking, and it spilled all over the front seat of my car.

Of course my gas light was on when I got in the car, so I had to stop for gas.

Of course there was an accident on my entrance ramp to the highway as I was getting gas 100 yards away.

Of course I didn't see the accident until I was already on the ramp. The same ramp that was narrow and had concrete barriers on the side because of the construction. The same ramp that curves sharply as it goes up a hill.

Of course I was stuck in a long line of cars on the ramp. And starting with the cars behind me, we all had to back down the ramp. The tiny, curvy, narrow, concrete barricaded ramp. In the dark. In reverse.

Of course by the time the cops came to direct traffic, I was nearly off the ramp.

Of course that meant that I got in half an hour late.

It's not the end of the world, but by the time I got in, I think I had said the word, "Seriously?!?" about 100 times.

And, due to my own fault, I didn't get the lab gifts finished, the veggies bought, or the meatballs made for the lab party tonight. I should have enough time (hopefully) to get them done this afternoon before the party. Just another way I'm stressing myself out.

Here's hoping I've hit my bad luck quota for the month. Such is life, I suppose.

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