Friday, December 19, 2008

Typical holiday craziness

I really do have good intentions of updating more. Things have just been nuts, which is typical of my life in general but especially around holiday time. I'll try to give you the brief overview:

-Winter is here in Cleveland. And then it leaves. And then it can't decide, so we have mornings like today when it snows/sleets/rains all in the same morning, making things very icy. I don't love the commute, especially when it takes almost two hours, but what can you do?

-As I mentioned in the previous post, Sophie is going to get her tympanostomy on Monday morning. We don't have a time yet--for whatever reason, they assign times from 6-9 PM the night before, so I have to call tonight. But everyone has said that the procedure to put in the ear tubes is relatively quick. I hope she does ok. I didn't want to do it this soon before Christmas, but I also didn't want to wait another couple of months. So if Monday is what they had open, Monday is when we'll do it.

-I finally got the Christmas trees physically up this weekend, with help from Tim. They have lights but no decorations, and it may just stay that way. It's easier than chasing Sophie down constantly so she doesn't touch the breakable ones. And it looks pretty now, so I'm good with it.

-I can't believe Christmas is next week! What is it about this year--everyone I have talked to feels a month behind. I know Thanksgiving was a bit later than usual this year, but still, I am nowhere near ready!

-We're doing a (mostly) gift free Christmas again this year. Thank God. I would be shopping non-stop from now until Christmas if I was buying gifts.

-However, this Sunday is going to be a crazy good CVS-ing day, so I am going to do a midnight run to roll my ECBs from Black Friday. I love not spending money but coming home with bags of stuff! I've really scaled back the deal shopping recently. First, I don't need the stuff--why get it if I don't need it? I'm already looking to donate a lot of what I have. Second, my time is too valuable to do deals just for the sake of doing them. It takes a lot of time to prep for the perfect shopping run. I'd rather spend that time with Sophie and Tim. Every now and again there are things that entice me to go out. But I started deal shopping to save money, not to spend every waking minute obsessed with it. And obsessed is something I do well--I've had to keep myself in check.

-The lab is really good. Experiments are generating data, although not totally coherent data. But it's something. We had a really fun time last week at the lab Christmas party. It's so nice to be in a group of people that are normal, as far as scientists go. I really liked having Kim, Ming, and Valerie in the old lab, but there was tension on the higher levels. In this lab, everyone gets along with everyone. It's a great change of pace.

-And now, the plan is for the postdoc in the lab to help "girlifie" me before the scientific meeting we are going to in April. I told her it'll be an uphill battle :)

-I'm really looking forward to having some family time this holiday. I have a TON of work to do to prep for my first class (Jan. 10!), but I also need to decompress.

-And, my friend from Alaska is coming into town today, and my sister is flying in from California on Sunday. Woo hoo for the west coasters!

-My other sister turns 21 next weekend, so that will also be something fun to plan :)

-In general, life is crazy busy. My house is a total wreck--half emptied totes of Christmas stuff, newspapers I haven't read yet, and general clutter everywhere--but it's a happy house. Sophie is so non stop now. She's running everywhere. And she has the most hysterical laugh. We had dinner at my parent's house last night, and my dad was playing with her. He'd just move her wooden blocks and talk in a silly voice, and she was laughing so hard she could barely stand up. It's adorable.

-Overall, I am working hard to keep some balance. Ironically, I'm reading a book right now that someone gave me about work-life balance. I'm three quarters of the way through, and basically all it has said is that balance is hard. Umm, really? Want to pay me to write a book that says the same thing?

-But, when I am home, I try to spend time with Sophie while she's awake. Once she's in bed, I take some time to relax. And Tim and I have had a lot of time to catch up too. We're always good about keeping in touch, but it's been nice to really have some thoughtful discussions. And some not-so-thoughtful ones. That's what football is for!

-So, even though I haven't been able to keep the house as pristine as I like, I have had time to organize in discrete pockets. Cleaning the garage all day last Saturday was very cathartic for me. I'm hoping to do something similar with the main living area of the house. Hopefully before the clutter swallows me up. But I'm working hard to not be a perfectionist about everything.

-That goes for some of my more personal issues too. I really haven't dedicated my energy to the weight loss/exercise arena as much as I'd like. Looks like it'll be another perennial new year's resolution. But I'm trying to cut myself some slack. It's been a busy year and beyond for us. I'm succeeding in not gaining weight, which is a fight in itself. Nothing like the holidays for some emotional eating! The losing of weight will be a priority soon. There is just a lot of other things that need to be taken care of first.

So, no deep thoughts for now. Hopefully over the holidays I'll have some time to get reflective. I don't get all of the break off from work--just Christmas, New Year's, and the two days afterwards (since they are Fridays). I actually have to go back into work for surgeries after Sophie's surgery on Monday. Talk about mommy guilt! But there was no other time to rearrange the surgeries, so I have to do it that way. Tim will be home with her. I'll be home as soon as my surgeries are done. And then we can all hang out together :)

As far as Christmas cards go, I've given up for this year. I haven't even taken her picture yet. I am debating sending out after-Christmas cards, maybe with a picture of her opening presents, but we'll see. So, if you were waiting for a card, let me say it now: Merry Christmas!

I'll try to post more soon, but I'll definitely update you after her surgery. Wish us luck...

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