Saturday, January 10, 2009

Common sense prevails!

I woke up this morning to about 10 inches of snow. When I checked school closings, my college was only delayed 2 hours--which wouldn't affect my afternoon class. I waited for a few hours. I finally called the office at 9:45 and asked if anyone else had cancelled class. One professor, who has a several hour drive, had cancelled, but no one else had. The dean said the roads were "typical for January in Northeast Ohio" (which means bad).

I had planned to cancel right then. But we got to talking about makeup classes and whatnot, and I definitely got the impression she didn't want me to cancel. I told her I'd check the forecast and call her back in half an hour.

Well, the forecast was calling for continued snow, about 3 inches an hour at some places. I talked to Tim (who had been very protective and dead set against me driving anyway). And I talked to my dad, who used to commute for a similar type of weekend college class for his MBA. Both said they would cancel class.

I decided to just suck it up and cancel. I was really torn: as a faculty, I have a responsibility to the college to teach when they have paid me to teach. And I have a responsibility to my students to be there in class. But I also have a responsibility to keep them safe. And I have personal responsibility for my own safety as well.

I was amused though--they had a short blurb up on the college's site about class only being delayed. There were a bunch of comments from students under the article about how unsafe it was to drive, how they had gotten stuck and had to turn around, etc. Eventually they disabled comments on the blurb. That did it for me--if students didn't feel safe driving, we'd figure out a way to make up the class.

So I called the college office back at 10:15. And the woman said that the dean had just decided to cancel all classes and schedule a makeup weekend. Finally, some common sense!!!!

So, I am home, safe and warm. And I have a hot date with a grant. But at least I am not driving.

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