Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, it's almost 5:30 AM. I've stayed up all night writing the grant, convincing my computer to not eat my grant, and footnoting all my references (all 80+ of them). I wrote some BS training statement (please give me money, I promise I'll do research, etc...) I think I'm done.

I can't believe I pulled an all nighter. This may sound silly, but I don't think I've ever pulled a true all-nighter before. I usually would work, sleep for a few hours, get up crazy early, and start working again.

Apparently insomnia is good for something. And other than having a stomach ache (why, I have no idea), I actually don't feel too terrible.

Of course, I'm sure that will hit me like a freight train tomorrow.

For now, I need to reassemble the mountains of paper strewn about into actual file folders full of articles. After that, it's time for a nice warm shower (although maybe not too warm--I don't want to get sleepy).

Hmm. An all nighter, with no caffeine added and general functions intact? I can only hope I retain this ability for med school and residency.

I'll have to thank Sophie for training me to work on very little sleep!

And with that, I bid the grant adieu. Hopefully some little finalization tomorrow, a click of the submit button, and it's out of my hands. It has very little chance of being funded (which I am trying not to think about), but at least I learned a lot. Like, start at least six months before the deadline, not three weeks.

Now, I've just got to plan 20 hours of teaching. What fun! But I think I'll try to sleep at least once before I attempt that. Planning lectures and labs does take some amount of concentration.

Good night! (or Good Morning!)

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