Friday, January 23, 2009

Soon, I promise

I know I'm still MIA. After I stayed up all night Monday finishing the grant, I got in Tuesday and found out that there were issues with submissions. I finally got that sorted out, and then I was all ready to submit Wednesday morning when they emailed with a deadline extension. Part of me really wanted to take the time and rework the app, but the bigger part of me just wanted to be done. I think the chances of this grant getting funded are slim to none anyway. So, on Wednesday, I submitted it.

You would think this means life has slowed down. Not so much. I'm now trying to get back on track with experiments. And daycare called yesterday about Sophie's draining ear goop, so I had to go get her. I was inclined to be aggravated with daycare (I had called the doctor, who said that clear fluid draining from the ear was normal, especially after a cold). But then I left and picked her up, and I knew she wasn't feeling good. Her ear goop was more prolific (and starting to turn solid colors), she had a fever of 101.8, and she wasn't herself.

After a nap, a bath, and some dinner, she went to bed. And when she woke up this morning, she was like a new baby. She still had some ear drainage, but the fever and crankiness were gone. My plan had been to call the doctor early this AM and get her in. But with no fever, I decided to pass.

Tim and I both caught the plague Sophie brought home. I've been blowing my nose so much that it is bleeding, and nothing seems to help. Gotta love daycare bugs.

On top of grant and home issues, I'm trying to finalize three lesson plans for Weekend College. Why? Well, I'm teaching one tomorrow, one the following week, and one the week after that. And since next week is a rescheduled make-up, I've already had students tell me they can't make it. So I need to have a detailed idea of what I am teaching so that I can give them specific assignments. Good times.

Did I mention I am no longer a coffee virgin? I'm typically a tea drinker, but I needed caffeine so bad on Tuesday that Jessica, the postdoc in the lab, bought me a latte. And I liked it. I just had my second latte ever a few minutes ago. Awesome.

And although I did hit a rough patch due to lack of sleep from about 8-9 AM Tuesday morning, I really did pretty well. I was able to function most of the day, and I didn't go to sleep until about 9 PM Tuesday night. Even then, I felt like I could've stayed awake longer. The coffee come-down was about 5 PM, which made me sleepy for a bit, but then being busy perked me back up. It was a pretty productive few days.

I'm teaching all day tomorrow, then tutoring my sister in organic chemistry on Sunday (which I don't remember at all). But four weekends from now, I have no teaching at all. I've got to think of something fun to do. Of course, that means it will blizzard. But I think I deserve a (cheap) reward for the hard work I've been putting in.

I finally brought food back into the house Wednesday night, I'm hoping to cook tonight, and sometime in the near future I'll clean my house. Then we should be almost back to normal, functioning household baseline.

Hopefully starting Sunday I'll be back on the regular blog schedule. I've got lots of pictures and other fun things due to be posted. Till then, I'm going to ride my caffeinated post-latte high and get more work done. Ciao!

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