Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tired but good

I do have a "golden weekend" this weekend (yes, I am not back on the wards yet, but I think this term still applies to my lifestyle at the moment). For the non-medicine people, this means that I technically have both days off in the same weekend. I do have a mountain of grading to do, but I don't have any scheduled "work" per se.

And, it is valentine's day. Now, Tim and I haven't celebrated that in at least ten years, maybe more. When my parents kindly offered to babysit Sophie on Saturday so that we could go out, both Tim and I thought, "no, it's going to be crazy at all the restaurants, and we'd don't celebrate V-day..."

But then I thought about my growing to-do list. So, we reached a deal: mom and dad are going to come up and watch Sophie, they're bringing some steaks, hopefully we'll get more of the fam together. And I am going to finish painting my bathroom. Romantic!

I am looking forward to a weekend off. It's just been really rough teaching plus doing lab (and writing the grant, up till a few weeks ago). I need a break, and painting sounds like way more fun than everything else we've been busy with.

I also made another decision last night: we've been staying in during the week because we're worried about how Sophie will behave in public. Last night, I said heck with it. I was leaving the VA late, I hadn't eaten all day, there was no food at home, and we haven't eaten out in almost a month. So, I called Tim and told him we were going out. With Sophie.

We had BOGO coupons at Panera, and we hadn't tried the one that just opened by us yet. So, the three of us went out. And it was fun! I got Sophie a cup of broccoli soup and a turkey sandwich, not knowing what she'd want. She didn't care for the sandwich, but she devoured the soup! I brought her bib, cup, and spoon from home, so she figured out what she needed to do to eat. And she loved the little highchair that pulled right up to the table. It wasn't very busy, so she could look around and not being intruding on anyone. I tore up some bread, and she figured out how to dip it in her soup and eat it herself. All three of us were shocked at how well it went. I don't know that we are ready to branch out to anything more involved, but Panera gets an A.

Afterwards we went to Kmart (it was close) looking for a chair for Sophie. She's just a little too short to get in and out of her little tikes chair on her own. I was thinking of something soft for her, but we found a plastic outdoor kid's adirondack chair that is perfect. And it was $7. Awesome.

Sophie was really well behaved in the store--other than needing to have me put her chair down every 50 feet or so in order for her to sit in it.

We got home a little after 7, so there was time for playing, and then it was Sophie's bedtime. I think both Tim and I were surprised at how easy it was to go out with her, as long as we stayed in her comfort zone. It made me feel much less claustrophobic. Hopefully we'll be able to get out even more often now.

Of course, I'm back to being an insomniac for some reason. I haven't been sleeping well, for no reason, and it's wearing me out. That's another thing I'm hoping to remedy this weekend.

But, I'm also hoping to finally get to pictures. I can't promise you a time, but I'll do my best.

Tomorrow is my silly MSTP winter retreat, which means I need to throw a poster together today. It also kills my day until 7 PM tomorrow. But, I still haven't graduated, so I need to suck it up and deal for a day.

Back to experiments for now.

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