Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pictures as promised

I know I am a few months behind, and I haven't had time to touch these up yet, but here are pics of Sophie, as promised...
Tim and Sophie at the Museum of Natural History, which my department rented out for the holiday party. We ate with the dinosaurs! 12-19-08

Sophie posing for the Christmas card picture that I never printed, which goes along with the Christmas cards that never got sent. 12-24-08

Another Christmas card option. 12-24-08

Yet another option. 12-24-08

Sophie in her Christmas dress. 12-25-08

The only family picture that even slightly came out. I am setting up the camera to take an auto timer picture, which explains: 1) why I am not in it. 2) why no one is ready. However, the rest of the pictures are extremely blurry, for whatever reason. Actually, not all of the pictures--there's another one of these setup photos that is missing me, but Joe is mooning the camera, so that one is not web appropriate ;) 12-25-08

Sophie trying out her new toys. She loves play kitchens, play food, and play pots and pans. Apparently, she needs to taste them all too. 12-31-08

Sophie modeling her Santa outfit before we took the tree down. 1-1-09

Helping me cook, with Macgyver just hoping she drops an oyster cracker or a fake banana. 1-28-09

My OCD baby. She takes everything off the fridge door, lines them up, and then puts them back. 1-29-09

What a typical meal looks like at our house (that is her fork hanging out of her mouth). 1-29-09

Sophie loving the low windows in the house. 2-8-09

Sup? 2-8-09

Sophie loving the $6 Kmart chair that she can get in and out of herself. 2-11-09

Tim teaching Sophie guitar. Better than drums. 2-20-09

Sophie going solo. Also note: just post bath, so she's got her tightly wound Ronald McDonald hairdo going on. Sorry Sophs, it's genetic. 2-28-09

Thank goodness for Backyardigans. 2-28-09

Proof that she does have her moments. 2-28-09

But she gets over them quickly. 2-28-09

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  1. SO cute! i love her curly springy hair. she is adorable.