Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Coming back

Well, it's been a busy few months, but I am hopefully getting back into a groove. I finished teaching Saturday night, came home and chilled for a bit, and then really jumped into my to-do list Sunday. I got bills paid, organized (some) of the house, did some shopping, and prepped a bunch of food for this week's meals. And, I fit that in between church, a doggie playdate, and dinner with my parents. It was a very productive day!

I'm slowly getting back into a rhythm. I've missed the organization. I'm a list-keeper and an Excel-lover. Ask my family--I am teased about Excel on a regular basis, but having a spreadsheet for everything keeps me organized! I've been more scattershot and last-minute with teaching, and it really reached into all aspects of my life. When I feel out of control, all of my bad habits pop back up. I've been working hard to control the coping mechanisms that have been my fall-back in the past (hello, chocolate!). I've had moderate success with it, but I've accepted that sometimes I just have to let things go.

Now, I am starting to regain control. It helps my mood tremendously. My house is still far from spotless, and I am still way behind in reconnecting socially, but I can tell I am improving. At least now I have food for us to eat when we get home, even if it isn't cooked yet. There were a few times when I got home with Sophie, looked in the fridge/freezer/pantry, and wondered what was toddler-edible. I've never been a gourmet. But at least there's usually bread and cheese for grilled cheese. Some nights in the not-too-distant past, we didn't even have the fixings for that!

Tim's been a big help too. He's covered Sophie duty here and there so I could get caught up. Last night I scored a huge pile of girl's 2T clothes, shoes, toys, and a baby gate, all for under $50. I've decided not to pay retail for things if I can help it--if Sophie is just going to dirty/rip it up, why pay an arm and a leg for it?

I've got a ton going on at work over the next week or so, and so does Tim. I'm trying to get everything situated before I leave for my scientific meeting, and Tim's got a huge project going in. I'm just glad his project goes in before I leave and not after--Tim is watching my co-worker's pug, along with Macgyver and Sophie, while we are gone. I told him I owe him big! I'm trying to think of something to do for him, and I'll take suggestions.

I'm still busy, and way behind on fun things like posting pictures, but I finally feel like I'm moving forward instead of marching in place. Once Tim is done with his class, I am counting on life settling down much more. I can't wait!

I could do without any more snow. Those of you in warmer climates can laugh, but for those of us living in NE Ohio, snow in April isn't unexpected. That doesn't mean I like it. Really, we went through a very mild March--I figured winter wouldn't be that nice to us. Still, it makes me really think about where we want to live for residency/fellowship and beyond...

So, pictures hopefully in the near future, and then it's back to your regularly scheduled musing/pondering/rambling. I know you missed it :)

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