Saturday, April 04, 2009


I am home from my final class. That's it--no more teaching! I have a mountain of quizzes/papers/labs to grade, but I am so relieved to be done.

The funny thing is that I really liked the teaching part. It's the prep before and the grading after that drives me crazy!

It was pretty sweet though--I gave them their course evaluations to fill out at the beginning of class (which I don't see until after grades are in), and afterwards someone asked if I am teaching in the fall. I told them no, this was a one shot deal, and they should be hiring a full time faculty to teach next time. Several of the students said that they wish they could have their evals back so that they could tell them to have me teach again! And then several of the students thanked me for making the class so interesting, and then they all clapped for me!

It was really touching--of the 26 students, at least 20 of them came up to me and said how much they appreciated me teaching instead of talking down to them. So many of them were petrified of chemistry--many of them saved it until their final semester. I had a lot of very sweet comments. It really made my night.

So, I have grading to do, then I have to drive out to Hiram one last time to drop off their papers, and then I am done. I can't wait to have every other weekend back (and let's face it, many of my "off" weekends were spent working on class). April is busy for other reasons, but it will be nice to be able to plan things for weekends again.

Still, it's a little bittersweet. Now that I've done all the prep for this class, and I've figured out what works, I wish I could teach it again. It's the perfectionist in me. Overall, this class went pretty well, but I know I could do better next time.

Sophie's in bed for the night, so Tim and I won't be going out to celebrate, but it will be nice to sit at home and watch some trashy television with my hubby. Ciao!

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