Monday, May 11, 2009

Famous last words

As you can tell from my last post (hopefully), things were going really well. Life seemed to be moving in a positive direction, and I really felt like I was starting to get my life in order.

Famous last words.

I don't think this is the place to go into a lot of gruesome detail, but things have completely gone down the tubes in the last few days. Saturday morning we got a terrible phone call, and since then, my family has been going through a terrible ordeal. Everyone is alive, thank God, but we weren't sure about that for a while.

If you are family reading this, you have probably been filled in on the situation. If not, email me or call my Dad, and one of us can fill you in. Things are still pretty up in the air right now.

I need time to process things individually, and then we'll need time to process things as a family. After that, I might be ready to talk about it here.

For everyone that has already sent prayers or support our way, thank you. Please keep sending them if you could. But also, please understand if we need some time to process this. It hasn't all sunk in yet. Really, when I told my boss what was going on this morning, that was the first time I really lost it emotionally. I'm a thinker--it'll take me a while to get in touch with everything.

I don't know what triggered this--life was good with all of us as of 9 PM Friday when I had talked to everyone. Saturday was Tim's graduation, which of course was completely overshadowed by drama. His parents were still able to go to graduation, and Sophie was a complete angel throughout the entire commencement, so that helped me stay calm. And we had dinner with his parents after the ceremony. I'll get into the full details later, but his parents were wonderful--they had every right to ask what was going on, but I think they knew it was major, and so they let it go.

As I get through all of this, and as I know more, I'll try to fill in some of the blanks. I am really sorry to be so vague. Thanks again for understanding.

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  1. Hi Bridge! I figured from your Facebook posts that something was amiss. Congratulations on Tim's second college graduation! Now that he isn't going to class every week, maybe things will be a little easier for you at home. I hope you had a nice Mother's Day, despite the family drama.