Friday, May 01, 2009

Promises, promises

I know I said I'd have a post/pics last weekend--sorry! But I really do have some time this coming weekend to get caught up. Last weekend was full of a trip to Hiram/airport/bachelorette party/fam for dinner, so all of that free time I thought I had disappeared. It was a good weekend though, and well worth the busy schedule.

So, I am way behind on pictures (and I still haven't sent my sister's birthday card from April 3--Amy, I'm mailing it tomorrow!). I'm also way behind on emails, and I hope to remedy that this weekend as well. I am also planning to enjoy the nice spring weather. Last weekend was gorgeous--80s and sunny, with a warm breeze every day! If Cleveland was like that year round, I'd never even consider leaving :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring so far, and I'll check in again soon! And, Tim's graduating with his second bachelor's degree next weekend (after many years of evening classes), so I'm taking suggestions on unique gifts. And no Tim, you don't get a say :) Email or Facebook me with ideas! (Tim's not on Facebook, so that's safe--he does read comments here periodically, so this is not.) Thanks in advance :)

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