Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Weeks fly by

I would love to say that something super exciting has been happening the last two weeks that has prevented me from blogging. Maybe an exotic vacation or something? Unfortunately, that isn't the case. I've just been extremely busy, (before) sunup to (after) sundown. I have a thesis committee meeting on the 15th of July, so I am trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends while still moving ahead with some of my typical research.

Sorry, nothing more exciting than that. I've had some weekend fun here and there, but that has also been equally busy. Work hard, play hard.

I haven't loaded pictures off my camera in months, so I'm way behind on that. My garden is still in small seedling form, so that's a few months behind. I have worked on a few money to-do's, like saving us about $70 a month between the satellite and cell phone bills. Of course, I am anticipating an over-$1000 car bill when I take it in to the dealer on Friday. We've been saving up for it, but that isn't going to make it hurt any less.

Tim and I have made a lot of money decisions in the past few weeks. He's not getting a raise this year (company-wide policy), and my stipend is set by the school. So, we're trying to do more with less. Cutting some bills has been a start. We have agreed that we need to spend on two big things: my car, as mentioned, and a fence. We've been having a lot of neighbor issues this year. We both think that with Sophie being very mobile, a fence is a near must. It would be great for the dog too. We're pushing the deck back at least another year or two, and his truck needs to last a bit longer. But a fence is a must.

I haven't had the time to be as good about deal shopping as I have been in the past. My cousin and I went to the West Side Market last weekend to get some fresh produce, which was fun, but I haven't been doing much beyond basic survival shopping. I actually am almost out of shampoo, which is unheard of! I do have enough toothpaste to last years, though.

It's just been a matter of priorities. When I am at work, that takes everything I have. For the few hours when Sophie is awake and I am home in the evenings, she's it. And then when she's in bed, it's house maintenance and more work until I go to sleep. That's just the way it has to be.

Weekends are a nice break, but I feel like that belongs to Sophie as much as I can give. She's such a little person now. And for every time she looks at me and says, "No momma, I do!", there's another time when she sings "I love you!" from the next room over. I can't believe she's going to be two this fall. She's getting so big! And I would've never guessed she'd be so stubborn and independent:) Not like she doesn't have two parents who are the exact same way!

So, sorry about the blog gaps. I am thankful that I don't have the life stress at the moment that forces me to come online every day and emo-dump. There is always day to day stress, but the monumental, crushing stress has been happily non-existent recently.

I'm going to keep on chugging away here. If I do get a break to do some pictures or otherwise something fun, I'll do it. Otherwise, look for things to be a little quiet until after my committee meeting on the 15th. Have a happy fourth of July!

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