Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know that it isn't very exciting to say that I am sooooo busy all the time, but that's the way life has been. Tim's been extremely busy the past month or so for work. When he's not out of town, he's working 14 hours days or weekends. I don't really like blogging about him being gone while he is actually gone (call me paranoid), and it's not like I have a ton of free time to do it then anyway.

I don't want to complain too much. In this economy, I'm thrilled he has a solid job, because Lord knows my stipend wouldn't cover the bills. And in a few years, I am going to have long hours and call, and he'll need to cover everything at home.

And I have been getting a lot of help. My sister has stayed with Sophie and I a good chunk of the time. Having two sets of hands makes things way easier. I've said it before and I'll say it again: single parents should be sainted!

I've been doing the morning daycare run every morning so Tim can get in early, and I've been doing evenings as often as I can so he can stay late. And when he's traveling, I'm that plus on call for daycare issues. I feel for Tim though--the other day he asked if Sophie still remembered him. She does, of course, but what a sad thought!

So, if Tim's busy, that means I'm busy. And once Sophie goes to sleep, I clean, I prep for the next day, or I help Jen study for chemistry. Not a lot of time for blogging, pictures, or the like. It's hard enough finding time to go grocery shopping.

I wish I had some fun reason to have been away from blogging for a few weeks, like an exciting trip. But no. Just busy. Tim and I are trying to find a weekend to get away--we both need it--and we've actually been looking for a few months. The first opportunity we have is in mid-September. We'd like to get back up to his parent's camp before it sells. I know Tim will really miss the camp once it's gone, but I also know it's too much for his parents to keep up with (and we sure don't have the time or the money to do it). Tim needs to say goodbye to it.

Otherwise, things are going the same as always. Originally the fence was delayed due to the survey, and then the survey got moved up, so we should have posts in next week and netting in the week after that. I can't wait! The survey was yesterday--the property line is a little closer to the house than we originally thought, which is fine, but Tim's been way overmowing into the easement. Hopefully a smaller yard will cut some time off that.

I'm still attempting a garden. I've gotten one hot banana pepper and a few sprigs of parsley out of it so far. I did get "deered" again last week, but it wasn't as bad as the first time. I'm out of bean plants now, and the deer ate a few more pepper and tomato plants, but it's not completely decimated like last time. I'm hoping the fence helps some. We'll see.

My friend from Pittsburgh is coming in for a visit this weekend (yay!), and we're dogsitting my friend's pug while she's in Italy for a meeting (so jealous!), but otherwise life should slow down soon. Tim's big project is over after this week. Of course, he'll just move on to the next project, but I am hoping it is less all-consuming. His bosses haven't exactly been modeling good work-life balance, with the emails at 1:30 in the morning and the constant updates. I hope that gets better soon too. I'm beginning to hate his blackberry, and if I would've known that installing the wireless internet at home would just encourage him to bring more work home, I'd think twice about it. As long as this isn't the new norm, I can deal.

I will hopefully get to pictures and the like sometime soon. My sister is coming in from California next week, so I'll try to get some whole family shots. And I'll work on being less sporadic. I do like blogging, but some other things have to come first when life gets busy!

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