Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One of those days

Lots of fun things to talk about from last week--my sister was in town from CA, and there were lots of family outings together.

But for today, a little venting: why have a schedule if you don't follow it? I am doing PET scans today, and I was supposed to be doing them tomorrow. We've been on the schedule for weeks--it was told to us that we HAD to be on the schedule to reserve scanner time. We obeyed and have been very diligent about updating the schedule as needed.

Yesterday, I met with the PI and the student that are collaborating with us on the PET study. The student has a class in the AM, so we had to work out who would help me in the mornings. We set everything up, and I was done with that meeting by about 10 AM.

At 11:30, I get an email that they want to move experiments to Wednesday (today) instead of Thursday, citing that there is another group who will have animals ready on Thursday. This group has helped me with catheters in my rats, so I felt obligated to move.

Trouble is, there was a dissertation defense from 11-12, and I leave for the VA at 12:15. So in 15 minutes, I had to completely move experiments around. I luckily had someone that could fast my rats for me at the proper time, but I had to get in super early to make solutions and everything this morning. And since things were changed at the last minute, the student who usually helps me had other commitments for most of the day.

This means that the experiments have been totally disorganized. Apparently our transmission scan didn't work, so we'll try that again. Hopefully the emission scans are working or else we have to scrap all of the experiments. It's been nuts trying to get everyone on the same page. And this is only the first rat of the day!

I'm a planner. I like being organized. I set out a schedule for myself for the week and try to follow it as best as I can. Changing things at the absolute last minute (especially when using the schedule has been harped on so frequently) is absolutely aggravating. Still, I am the lowest person on the totem pole, so I suck it up and deal.

Oh well. Hopefully the next animal will go more smoothly. For what we are paying to do these studies (not to mention the time commitment on my part), I'm going to be pretty ticked if these experiments don't work because we got off schedule.

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