Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just booked a trip to Salt Lake City for work. There's a collaborator there who is going to teach me a technique that will hopefully help me finish up my project. The city looks like a beautiful place, and the university overlooks a large, undeveloped expanse of wilderness. I won't have time for sight-seeing, since the whole point of the trip is to get as much work done as possible, but I'm excited that I get to venture out to a new city.

It reminded me of another trip that involved lots of travel and not a lot of sight seeing:
It's been over three years since Tim and I drove with my sister to her new job in California. Yes, the white dots were the stops; we foolishly attempted to drive from Cleveland to Amarillo, Texas, in one day. I guess it wasn't an attempt--we did it, but it wasn't fun. And Missouri is still dead to me. The rest of the trip was nice (except for the emergency stop in Gallup). We visited family in Phoenix, and I really loved how beautiful the Southwest was (but man, it was HOT!).

Someday, I'd like to fly out to New Mexico and drive around the west/Southwest. I don't see too much of a need to see the middle of the country--I'm sure it's nice and all, but I do live in Ohio, and it didn't seem that different. Someday, when I make non-student money, Tim and I actually have vacation time, and our current/future children are either old enough to enjoy the trip or are out of the house, we'll take a long vacation. A girl can dream...

And my sister's still out in CA, although she's thinking of going even farther west. What's farther west than California? Japan. Yep, she wants to teach in Japan. No matter what you think, we are genetically related--she's the adventurer, and I'm the homebody. I just live vicariously through her adventures, and she gets to hear about poopy diapers and time outs from me. Maybe that's why she wants to move farther away...

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  1. Hey sister...Reading your post makes me happy to think of those ridiculous 72 hours, as well as sad since I'm so far away.

    I do adore where I live and what I get to do each day (this Friday I'm planning a forest-wide scavenger hunt for jack-o-lanterns), but it's not so cool as hanging out with you and the family. I toss it around in my mind a lot the pros/cons to traveling, and it's a pretty even list. I'm thinking that if I'm gone now and home later it's probably a smarter investment (especially with all those cute nieces growing up back home).

    I want so bad to take off work and drive up to Salt Lake City and take you out for pizza and a movie. Or heck, hot chocolate and good conversation. I'm so lucky that you guys have put up with my traveling shenanigans over the years, and it's so special to me when I do get to come home and be a homebody with you and the fam. Our lives are hard to compare to one another right now, but I'm freaking happy that we get to have sister time in a few months.

    Watch out world :)