Friday, November 13, 2009

I guess I was due

I haven't had a real bummer of a day in some time. Tim said he really can't think of any since I left Dr. B's lab over a year ago, so I guess that is a good thing. Yesterday, I guess I was just due for one. I'm feeling a little ill (I think it's more from traveling than an actual illness), I'm tired, I miss my family, and I'm just generally feeling burnt out.

So, I guess that is a predisposing condition for feeling bummed. Then I got an email about a proposal I had written, and it was (not so nicely) rejected. Not the end of the world, but added to how I was already feeling, it just put me over the edge. Tim was working late, so I didn't get the chance to talk to him until late last night.

It just wasn't a good day. Talking to Tim made me feel much better, but there's something about feeling down that just makes the world seem tougher. Anyway, I feel better today. It helps that I am going to be home tomorrow. Salt Lake City is beautiful, but without a car, I'm feeling a bit trapped. There is nothing even close to walking distance by the hotel, so with the exception of Wednesday night (which I will recount to you when I get time), I've been stuck in the hotel alone every night. This is also the longest I've been away from Sophie and Tim since, well, ever.

One more long day in lab, and then it's a long day of flights tomorrow. But at least I'll get to (not) sleep in my own bed! Yeah, apparently insomnia doesn't stay in Ohio for me...

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