Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Umm, surprise?

I have all of these things going on right now, but I noticed that all of them need one tiny piece of information that I haven't told you about yet.

I'm pregnant. Surprise!

Ok, in no way was this a surprise. First, I'm 16 weeks 3 days today, so I've known for some time. Second, this pregnancy was completely planned. Third, it happened the first month we tried (which I guess was the only semi-surprise of the entire thing).

I had my 16 week visit this morning, and things are good. The results from the first screen a few weeks ago (an ultrasound and a blood test) were that we are in the lowest risk group possible for Down's syndrome and trisomy 13/18. Very good news. The baby was very active on the ultrasound a few weeks ago (yes, much to Tim's chagrin, there is only one baby. I'm thrilled about that). So far, so good with everything they could check.

I have been wicked sick up until last week. That's partly why the posting has been sporadic. I've had constant nausea, and I'm exhausted. And I couldn't tell you why I was sick and exhausted. So I just didn't post much.

The nausea meant that I didn't gain any weight until last week (thanks, a whole week of restaurant food...). And it's only about two pounds at this point. I'm fine with that, my doctor's fine with that, and it's not like I didn't have a whole bunch of energy reserves before I got pregnant.

Just last week I started feeling almost human again. And this week, I am hungry. ALL THE TIME. There are still a lot of foods that don't sound great, and no food cravings yet. But I am always starving. I'm not eating constantly--no need to make up for lost time on the weight gain--but if you put food in front of me, it's gone.

So why the wait to share the news? Well, I told my boss right away, and she suggested we keep it a bit quiet for a while. This was partly because she figured it wasn't anyone's right to know--if it doesn't affect my progress, people shouldn't care. Partly it was because of the issues I had with Dr. B last time (who is still on my committee). And partly it was because things can go wrong early on. Unlike Sophie, we told all the family right away this time. And I was actually ok with the idea of just putting it out there at work as soon as we knew. But, waiting was fine too.

Since there is such an overlap between the blog/facebook/work life/real life, it hasn't been easy keeping it on the DL. I told the entire lab a few weeks ago at lab meeting, and word has slowly been moving around since then.

I'm not ashamed of the pregnancy, and I'm fine with people knowing it was planned. We had a several month window between the end of grad school and the beginning of med school, and that's what we aimed for. We hit the beginning of that window (I'm due May 2nd). It won't impede my grad school progress. And I'll be able to finish maternity leave before I go back to med school. It's all good.

So now I can explain to you why my moods are swinging everywhere, why I'm tired all the time, and why we now have to go car shopping. No, we won't be moving this time (thank God!)

I'll try and catch you up on some of the more topical stuff in the near future. It is nice to know that I can speak freely now without worrying about slipping :) The last ultrasound didn't give us very good pictures, but we have the anatomy ultrasound on December 9, so I should have some pictures then.

Just wanted you to know Bucky's good (Baby Under Construction, same as Sophie was), Sophie's thrilled, and Tim and I couldn't be happier. Sophie's new thing is walking up to me, lifting my shirt, and saying, "baby come out?" She's sung Bucky songs, given kisses and hugs, and now has a thing for baby dolls that she can dress/change/feed/push in a stroller. I think she'll be a great big sister :)

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  1. congrats!! and totally amazing that it took one month. yay sibling for sophie!