Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pictures, round 1

Way behind on blogging (as I am with most things in my life right now), but I did finally get scans into the computer. Here are a few of the pics from the recent ultrasound (minus the money shot, but trust me, it's a boy!) Some of them are grainy, thanks to the scanner I am using, but you get the idea.

I would like to introduce you to Joshua Timothy...

2-d ultrasound, profile shot.

Hard to see on this image, but the right and left feet and toes.

These views always look a little creepy, but it's as if he's looking at you (you can see the eye and nose openings).

I didn't realize we'd get a 3-D ultrasound, but once the doc came in, he just started getting pic after pic. Totally amazing. He didn't print them all, but it was so cool to see. This is the left hand (look in the mid-right bottom area).

In this one, you can see both his arms covering his face. You can just see his nose and mouth. He had his arms covering his face for most of the visit.

This is a 3-D profile, looking at the left side of his face. You can see his arm, hand, shoulder, ear, nose, and eye. This was even clearer on the screen when we were there, and the doctor could rotate the picture for us. Totally amazing (a word we used a lot).

The doctor kept trying to get us a clear face forward shot, but the baby kept moving his head. That's why the face looks a little elongated. But you can see part of his face, abdomen, and his leg curling up.

The doctor got some other shots, including this absolutely astounding reconstruction of the spine. He rotated it so you could count every vertebrae and rib. We were pretty cheesed at having to wait two hours to be seen, but the tech and doctor spend an hour and a half with us, so that made up for it. We saw the organs, including multiple amazing shots of the heart beating. I wish they took video here. I could watch it over and over.

There's lots to talk about regarding the baby, including my personal feelings on finding out it was a boy. That may have to wait till later this week when I have some time at home. For now, I'm going to head to the other computer to upload Sophie pictures (I haven't done it since before Halloween...)

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