Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Just what I need in life: more guilt.

Mom's obesity puts kids at risk for host of ills.

Seriously, not that I could ever become anorexic (I like food waaaay too much for that), but the guilt is probably enough to drive some women to it. As a scientist, I'm all about more data. As an overweight pregnant woman, this is not what I need to be hearing.


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  1. Just remember, studies have shown that eggs are good for you -- no, they're bad for you -- wait, they might be good for you. Same thing with coffee, butter, chocolate, red wine, etc., etc.....

    Be all about the data, but most of all remember that STRESS does more damage than any food or combination of foods. You're a better person/mother/mother-to-be than you give yourself credit for.

    Children survive in spite of their heredity -- not because of it.