Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interesting article

I try to keep up on articles from Yahoo Finance (with the exception of Robert Kiyosaki, who I think is a quack). I particularly enjoy the "Money and Happiness" column, and today's got me thinking. It's called, "Would you do this to double your pay?" and the "this" they are referring to is work every day of the year.

Apparently 25% of people would work every day to double their pay. Of course, I've been working overtime with no increase in my pay, so this makes me sad. The most interesting point was that people underestimate the value of their leisure time. I am definitely feeling this. I have no time whatsoever to catch my breath, and it's taking a toll.  My committee meeting is in a week, but that doesn't mean my schedule will magically slow down. I anticipate some resistance to my timeline, and the way to ameliorate that is to work constantly and show I can get these experiments done.

I think though, for my own sanity, I am going to need to take a day or two off at some point. Tim and I had both discussed taking a weekday off together to paint the last few rooms of the house. That's not exactly relaxing, but at least it isn't the same work we've both been insanely busy with.

Back to work for now, but I'm definitely thinking about a break...

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