Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthing a linebacker

Well, we had an ultrasound to guess the weight of the baby. Turns out he's a linebacker. For history's sake, we had one with Sophie around this time to see if she was breech and guess the weight. She was breech, and they were guessing she was about 55th percentile for height and weight (so, not big). At birth, she was 93rd percentile for both height and weight.

With Josh, they measured today and he's high-80s percentile (I forget the exact number) for both height and weight. They estimated him, right now, at 6 pounds 2 ounces. He should be about 5. (I was 6 pounds 14 ounces when I was born!) The technician was moving pretty fast, but most of the gestational age predictions for leg length, BPD, belly size, etc were putting him at 35 week 4 days to 36 weeks and a few days. I'm not 34 weeks till tomorrow. And the doctor, who runs the division, checked me and said ultrasounds will underestimate--they are much less likely to overestimate. So basically, he's big. And he won't be getting smaller--if anything, he would gain about 1/2 a pound a week from here on out (or potentially more).

There was some guessing after my first ultrasound that I may be running a bit ahead on my dates. We didn't change my due date then, but if I was running ahead then, and I was likely to have a big baby anyway, it's not surprising I'm measuring so big.

He was head down though, and there wasn't a lot of room to move, so I'm guessing he'll stay that way. No external cephalic version this time--woo hoo!

I see my doctor this Friday, and I'm hoping we'll talk inducing early. She promised if I was big that I wouldn't go overdue, but I'm hoping (if all looks ok) she'll induce me a week early. Heck, I'd take two weeks early. Either way, considering I was due May 2, I'm pretty sure Josh will be an April baby. Tim wants him on my birthday (April 19) or April 25 (so Josh and Sophie would be exactly 2.5 years apart). I don't know that we'll have that much of a say in it, but I'll take the earliest day possible. I'm sure we'll want to make sure we're past 36 weeks so the lungs are okay, but I'll take the first day they say it is safe.

Good thing we got the nursery painted yesterday. Now there's even more of a push to finish that room up and get everything washed and ready.  I'm not nesting yet, but I can fake it! My body is wishing I wouldn't have waited so long to paint--not a fun time--but it would have been worse if we had put it off another week or two.

Of course, my thought was, "Crap, now I'll probably have a week or two less time in the lab to get everything done." Guess that means I'm going to have to find a way to be as uber productive as possible. That may involve finding a place to work where I am not bothered by departmental interruptions. Not sure a place like that exists, but I'll try.

At least it justifies me feeling so pregnant! And it also means I am mostly baby/fluid/placenta/uterus, etc. Hopefully that means the baby weight will come off relatively fast.

I'll keep you posted! I don't know that the doctor will do an internal check this visit (I didn't get one till 36 weeks with Sophie), but if she does check, I hope Josh cooperates with the dilating/effacement plan as well as Sophie did. That will definitely help this to be an induction instead of a c-section.

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