Friday, March 26, 2010


Also, we are going car shopping tomorrow--woo hoo! Tim's truck has been undriveable for over a week, so his dad lent us his old truck (it's a 1998 that has only a fraction of the miles that Tim's 2001 has...)

We've got our list, I ponied up and bought the Consumer Reports online car subscription thing, and we've lined up the bank (so I guess it will be the bank's car...). Sophie's going to hang with my mom tomorrow, and Tim and I have to test drive a ton of cars in one day. We probably won't buy tomorrow, but we need to narrow down the list.

For all those who offered Facebook recommendations, thanks! We've made a list of those.  I'd love any other feedback. We're looking at small SUV's/crossovers with good gas mileage. The frontrunners, in no particular order, are the Forester, Rav4, CRV, Equinox, Escape, Santa Fe, Tuscon, and Terrain. If we find a good one this weekend, I'll let you know! I'm crossing my fingers we'll find a deal.

Nothing like writing a huge check, only smaller than the two house down payments we've had to write...

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  1. You definatly need to blog all the pros & cons of the rest of us a day! Good luck and try to have fun