Friday, March 26, 2010


I guess I will need to exercise some patience for the next few weeks. I saw my doctor today, and she said unless my health goes down the tubes (like preeclampsia or diabetes), she won't induce me. She does think Josh is big, but she's not in favor of inducing early. I guess if he gets stuck, we'll section.

I'm pretty bummed by this but not surprised. I read up on fetal macrosomia (big baby) on the other day, and it sounds like inducing early didn't lower the number of fetal injuries (like shoulder dystocia) and did increase the rate of c-section and associated complications. I knew that induction raised c-section rates, but I was hoping a big baby would justify the risk. Unless the mother had uncontrolled diabetes, there hasn't been any proven benefit to inducing early.

I'm a scientist, so I am all in favor of research. I was just hoping it would come out more the way I wanted it to :) Such is life, I deal with unfavorable data all the time! And I would really prefer to avoid a c-section if possible. I know sometimes it is unavoidable, but it is so much better for me and baby to do it the old fashioned way if at all possible. I'd hate to push for an induction before I'm ready. Then again, I did need to max out on pitocin when I was already in labor with Sophie, so I'm sure I'll probably need some sort of help this time too.

My doctor did say that, minus the more rapid weight gain I've had at my last two visits, she's happy with my pace of weight gain. And she said the last two visits (gaining 10 pounds over six weeks) were probably more water than anything, considering how swollen I've been. So that's a positive after my recent weight gain rant.

I guess I'm just going to have to hang in there. I've got another appointment April 9, and then they are every week after that. She said she'll check me at my next visit and see if I'm dilated/effaced. I was with Sophie at 36 weeks, and I'll be almost 37 weeks at my next visit, so here's hoping. Not that dilating/effacing early got me anywhere productive with Sophie!

So, maybe we won't be having an April baby after all. That gives me more lab time, which is good, but I am so ready to have this kid. My abdomen has exploded in the last week--pants and shirts that I could wear comfortably are now tight. The thought that I have about 5 weeks to go is depressing. But I felt this way with Sophie, and I think most people who have gone through it would agree that pregnancy is about a month too long.

And I would've liked to have a scheduled induction so that I could put it on my calendar and plan. Big shock, right? Me, need to plan? But, I'm trying to just let it go. He'll come when he's ready. I'm just hoping he doesn't get too much bigger...

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