Thursday, April 22, 2010

Totally bummed

Well, the nurse just called me. Apparently my doctor is standing by the position that inducing doesn't decrease the chance of complications from big babies, so induction is a no-go. The nurse said that, even if she would consider it, she won't do it before 39 weeks, so tomorrow would definitely not happen.

I am completely bummed by this, almost to the point of tears today. I am so uncomfortable--I popped a ligament in my pelvis last night, and even sitting hurts, let alone standing and walking. I'm not sleeping, I feel like crap, and I have a huge baby.

Like I said a few days ago, judging by Sophie's labor and how I have felt so far, I know I won't go into labor early, if I go into it on my own at all. I've been having painful contractions for a while, but they don't organize and progress.

I talked to the day care teachers this morning when I dropped Sophie off, and they were talking about how they were all induced with at least one of their kids just because their doctor thought they were ready. And they had 7 pounders. If this kid is already 8 lb 10 oz, and gaining, with a huge head, why make me wait?

I have to say, if I end up needing a c-section because this kid is too big by the time I do go into labor, I am not going to be very happy with my doctor. I have really liked her a lot, but I've read the literature too, and I really feel like I'm going to be too big if we wait much longer.  Now that I've had another doctor tell me he would induce me, I wish I had a doc that felt the same.

I guess I'll plan to keep doing experiments then. Not what I want to be doing right now.

I am completely bummed right now. That little sliver of hope I had yesterday that we would be done--gone. I don't know how I am physically going to make it another week (or two, or three...).

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  1. look on the bright side: if she does do it at 39 weeks, your 39th week starts this Sunday! I know it won't be this weekend but at least you will have a little more time to prepare. And I know you are miserable, but just think of how happy you will be once Josh is finally here :) It makes the whole pregnancy worth the wait!! :)