Thursday, April 15, 2010

The waiting game

Deja vu...

I remember with Sophie, I had the external cephalic version done around 37 weeks, and all I heard after that was how she was coming any day. At my 38 week visit (basically the same time as the one I am having tomorrow), my doctor thought I might go into labor that day. I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced then. We'll see what I am tomorrow.

I've been having painful contractions since about Sunday. On Saturday, we walked the zoo for a few hours, and that might've stressed things for me. On Sunday, my lab had a very nice party (that was initially billed as a lab party and turned into a birthday/baby bash for me--very sweet). Almost everyone brought their kids, so that was some physical activity for me too. I thought Sunday night I might be in labor.  Then Tuesday, the contractions were so bad that I was just waiting for them to progress.  Yesterday was ok, until last night, when I was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep. Then again today, between the 80 degree+ heat and standing at a poster for several hours, I thought I might go into labor today.

Long story short, nothing doing. The contractions are painful, and for a brief second I thought my water might've broken tonight (no, I didn't pee myself, but it wasn't my water either). All of the day care ladies keep saying I've dropped, even though I don't think I have. The one woman was even willing to put money on the fact that Josh would be here by Saturday. I said I'd take that bet.

My doctor is out of town till next week, as are most of the doctors in the practice, so holding out for a few more days is ok in that respect. I'm seeing a midwife tomorrow (the only opening they had all week), so we'll see what she thinks. As much as I would love to have this baby soon, I know I probably still have weeks to go.

Part of me would love to go into labor early because it would be less stressful to have a newborn than it has been at work recently. I am sure a lot of the contractions/issues I am having right now are stress related. I've been working on getting this paper out before I go on leave, and every day it seems less and less likely. It doesn't help that when I am not up late because I am working, I'm up late stressing because I am not working.

My boss means well--it's not like Dr. B, who I think knew he was making my life difficult. My boss is really trying to help, in her mind, by constantly asking about the paper and wanting to meet. The trouble is, it takes time. I am working as fast as I can, but there are still a few experiments that need to be run. I'd rather do those and then write the paper from home if I had to. My boss wants the paper now, and we can add experiments later. We'll see if it works out.

Again, she means well. But it definitely has been increasing my stress level. Which makes sleeping harder and contractions stronger. Maybe it'll put me into labor after all--who knows.

I am way past the stage of pregnancy where I enjoy being pregnant. I want this baby out. However, I also know that I'll likely just continue to get more uncomfortable, and Josh will hang out for a few weeks. At least I've been through the anticipation drill before. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he comes early, but I'll plan on making it to my due date.

As I was telling my swollen abdomen last night, "Put up or shut up." I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course :) I just wish all of the pain and contractions was actually progressing things.

Tim says maybe we'll stick with tradition. I went into labor with Sophie on my mom's birthday and had her the day after. My birthday is Monday (yes, it is the 3-0 birthday), so Tim's thinking maybe I'll go into labor then. Hopefully it won't take as long the second time! We'll see--if I had to bet, I'm guessing April 30. Still a ways away.

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