Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday was my first day back at work. I had planned to spend Sunday night getting organized. Unfortunately, we had a strong thunderstorm come through about 5 o'clock. It only lasted a few minutes, but when it was done, our yard looked like this:
Yep, that is our fence under that tree. And it also took down the power lines behind our house. Our power doesn't run off of those lines (the people behind us likely won't have power for days--there were at least 5 different trees down over the stretch of power line behind our neighborhood). But, we had to be careful--with wet ground and a wet tree touching both a power line and the fence, it's possible that the fence was electrocuted. So we didn't get too close.

Our power went off at about 5:30. We had another storm roll through about 9 PM, and although there was a lot of lightning and rain, the wind wasn't too bad. It was enough to knock another big branch down, but that likely would've fallen anyway.

The power stayed off until the next morning. It had been 91 degrees on Sunday--that, plus rain, equaled hot and sticky. I wasn't too worried about comfort--I was worried about the 150+ ounces of frozen breast milk that might thaw. Had the power not come back on, I was going to take the milk to work with me and freeze it there.

Ahh, work. I was trying not to take the crazy storm and falling trees as an omen. I got up Monday morning and actually had Josh fed and Sophie ready to go ahead of schedule. We got to day care--and found out day care had no power and likely wouldn't for 3-4 days. So, it was back home with Sophie, and my sister had a two-for-one baby day on her first full day of watching Josh. Luckily, she was an ace and wasn't in her car driving back to California by the time I got home.

It was a crazy day, and today is another one. Our power went out again, I had to take Tim to work since we dropped my car off at the dealership last night, daycare was still out so Sophie was home again, Josh had his 2 month visit and vaccinations, Tim's dad came over with the earthwork contractor to plan the deck, and then I had to go to work--all by about 9:30.

And I won't go into my feelings at work. The sense of abandonment is less now than with Sophie--probably because I've been through this once before, and also because I've been into the lab quite a bit during my "leave". I am very frustrated that the first time I got revisions back from my boss was 4:56 PM on Thursday--as in, one business day before I was supposed to come back into lab anyway. But, I am trying not to focus on that. I just want this stupid thing out already.

I'm just glad I'm not superstitious, because falling trees and power outages might otherwise be enough to convince me I shouldn't go back into work just yet.

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  1. So the most important question is: Where is Amy going to sleep now?