Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I could talk about the ongoing lab drama (nothing new), or how behind I am in general life stuff (very), but instead, I want to talk about something a little lighter. And probably genetic. That is routine.

Josh apparently has started a routine. Last Monday, here was his routine. He got a bath, and then he was chill and happy:

Then he ate, took a nap in the swing, and had a poop. And I mean, a poop:
That is an out-both-sides, up-the-back, leaking-on-the-changing-pad poop. So, it was into a new outfit for him.

This Monday, he got up, I gave him a bath, and then he was chill and happy. (No pics this time, but you get the idea). He ate, took a nap in the swing, and then:
Yep, another blowout. And he hadn't had one since the previous Monday.

So, my child is also a routine-loving person, like myself. However, this is one routine that I think needs changing.

He did change it up today by peeing all over me, the changing pad, himself, etc. I hadn't had one of those since just after he was born.

Seriously though (or maybe not so), this lab stuff is a huge stressor and consumes a lot of my daily energy, but life is good otherwise. Josh is colicky, and he is still crying several hours a day, but it is getting better. And, he slept for five hours last night, which was just awesome.

And, my cousin had her very adorable baby boy on Monday, so he and Josh will be exactly seven weeks apart. My cousin and I were three months apart, and it was always nice having someone close in age to play with at family gatherings.

And my sister came home from California today--hooray! She has graciously agreed to live with us and the colicky baby for the summer. We'll see if the toddler or baby makes her change her mind, but for now, it'll be nice to have someone else (besides Josh) to hang around with during the day. I really liked the days my other sister and/or my mom came up to hang with me, so having my west coast sis around is sure to be fun.

The whole fam, minus my youngest brother (who is filling the role of California sibling at the moment), got together for dinner, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk tonight, and it was a good time.

(my pic of my brother and sister-in-law was blurry, but they were there too!)
It's the good times like this that I plan to remember, and not the terrible, stressful times that the past six years in my PhD have brought me. I can't say I'd redo the last six years, because then we wouldn't have Sophie and Josh, but there are definitely choices that I want back (say, deciding to stay in my PhD after Frank, my first boss, left in 2005). Oh well, I can't have them back, and I can only take things from today.

I don't like being negative, and I don't want to keep putting negativity out into the universe. I need to get through the paper and my thesis, and then I can get back to my life. Finishing med school won't be easy, but at least it is a defined period of time. After all, I do love my routine.

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