Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh crap

Things to do in the next 48 hours:
-finish revisions to the paper
-work on my thesis
-prep for the start of my fall course, including a full semester syllabus and four hours of lecture for the first class
-pack/prep for a week-long international business trip next week
-go shopping for food for the baptism party
-clean the house
-prep meals for Tim next week...

Doesn't help that I spent two hours on the phone with United, Continental, and CATSA (Canadian TSA) trying to figure out how to get the pumped breastmilk home. I was even looking into shipping it home. After all that, it turns out I can pack an empty cooler and freezer packs on the way out, and then I can put the milk in the cooler with the freezer packs and put it inside my checked bag for the way home, and we are good to go. Seriously, that's all it takes? I could've carried it on if I was only traveling in the US, but not so much in Canada.

And, Josh is refusing to nap, and Tim has plans tonight. So, hard to do anything today, and once Sophie gets home, I'm on my own with the two kids.

Basically, that means that I'll have late nights once the kids go to bed the next two nights, and I'll have to get most of the classwork/thesis stuff done on the plane rides.

Tim will be getting help next week from his mom (for two days) and my mom (for two days), and he's going to be home with the munchkins the rest of the time. I've got next Friday to clean/cook, then I teach Saturday AM, Tim's going to a party with Sophie Saturday PM while Josh and I host the fam for dinner (Amy's back!) Saturday night (and I am roping the fam into helping with baptism setup after dinner), and then the baptism/Amy's final going-away party is on Sunday.

I am looking forward to this conference next week, but talk about worst possible timing! I've only got one full week when I get back to finish my thesis, and then I start back to med school the day after labor day.

I've always said that I work best under pressure. I guess this counts!

If the posts are sporadic the next few weeks, you'll know why!

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