Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nearing a break

I am so over OB/Gyn--I have one more week of it left after the holidays, but starting tomorrow afternoon, I get two weeks off for Christmas! This time will be filled by a huge catch-up list, which includes some blog time. I need to catch up on sleep first--I averaged 4-5 hours a night before going back to third year, 1-2 hours/night while I was writing my thesis/doing 3rd year (and several sleepless stretches of 2-3 days at a time), and I'm up to 3-4 hours per night right now. I'm functional, but I'm not fun. There is some serious sleep debt to fill (I know you can't actually make up a sleep debt/bank sleep, but it isn't going to keep me from trying!)

I just have to get through tomorrow, and then I only have my giant to-do list left!

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