Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another toddler

Josh officially started walking today--he's been taking 2 steps at a time for a few weeks, but then he would either lunge or sit down. Today, he took multiple steps multiple times, so we're calling it--he's officially walking!

Sophie had an adorable (though preciously out-of-tune) recital tonight for day care, and it really jumped out at me how much the two of them have grown these last few months. I feel bad that I've been missing it with 14 hour days, overnight call, and working one weekend day each week. I keep telling myself it isn't forever--I'll never have a "normal" schedule, but after residency, I'm hoping it will at least be more manageable.

It was another pimptastic day in surgery today--I got singled out by the ICU attending, who pimped me on hyperkalemia for about half an hour. I didn't get all the answers right, but I think I held my own. I can't say the same for the other three hours of pimping I got today, but oh well. Seven more days.

Also, we have a patient on the floor with CRKP. Scary stuff, really, but I am not surprised. These patients get put on vancomycin/linezolid/zosyn/imipenem/etc like it is candy. Antibiotic resistant bugs are a huge problem. Hence, why I was my hands a million times a day (and bugs like C. diff don't come off with the antibiotic foam--you need to actually wash your hands).  Between the superbugs, HIV, Hep C, and TB, I'm sort of amazed our patients have any healing ability left in their bodies.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

8 days

8 days of surgery left, but who is counting?

I have two weeks of anesthesia beyond that, but I am not counting that in the surgery total. I will have many stories to share once I have the time to blog about them!

On a continuing note re: grades from my last post, I got my summative feedback from OB/gyn. I had only gotten a few evaluations back, and they were generally benign to slightly positive, except for one. I got a not terrible, but not great eval from the preceptor that used to question me for hours, one-on-one, and his comments were generally "little rusty on knowledge due to time away during PhD, but reasoned answers out well."  I'll dig up the exact comments one of these days. Anyway, I figured faint praise is damning, so I wasn't expecting much from my rotation evals. Apparently, more people turned in evals than I saw, because the summative is pretty glowing--the one attending I worked with even suggested I do an OB/gyn AI and consider it as a career choice.

Really? Because I disliked OB/Gyn. I'd say I hated it, but after doing surgery, I'm reserving the term "hate" for neurology and surgery :)

I still didn't do well on my shelf exams, secondary to the zoster, so I'm not expecting honors. Still, I was told I did well on pediatrics, but no one turned in evaluations, so I have mediocre reviews. I feel I did a pretty mediocre job on OB/Gyn, but I have positive reviews (except for that one). Really, who knows how they decide this stuff? Absolute craziness.

Off to read more about things relevant to my patients, but nothing that will help me by giving me info the attendings want to know. For instance, did you know that there is a specific piece of fat near the appendix named for Sir Frederick Treves, who saved Prince Edward from a ruptured appendix days before his coronation? No? Neither did I, but apparently that is what I should be studying, because that is what I was pimped on. Definitely high yield material, don't you think?

Oh surgery, I can't wait to be done with you...