Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another toddler

Josh officially started walking today--he's been taking 2 steps at a time for a few weeks, but then he would either lunge or sit down. Today, he took multiple steps multiple times, so we're calling it--he's officially walking!

Sophie had an adorable (though preciously out-of-tune) recital tonight for day care, and it really jumped out at me how much the two of them have grown these last few months. I feel bad that I've been missing it with 14 hour days, overnight call, and working one weekend day each week. I keep telling myself it isn't forever--I'll never have a "normal" schedule, but after residency, I'm hoping it will at least be more manageable.

It was another pimptastic day in surgery today--I got singled out by the ICU attending, who pimped me on hyperkalemia for about half an hour. I didn't get all the answers right, but I think I held my own. I can't say the same for the other three hours of pimping I got today, but oh well. Seven more days.

Also, we have a patient on the floor with CRKP. Scary stuff, really, but I am not surprised. These patients get put on vancomycin/linezolid/zosyn/imipenem/etc like it is candy. Antibiotic resistant bugs are a huge problem. Hence, why I was my hands a million times a day (and bugs like C. diff don't come off with the antibiotic foam--you need to actually wash your hands).  Between the superbugs, HIV, Hep C, and TB, I'm sort of amazed our patients have any healing ability left in their bodies.

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