Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress, and lack thereof...

Two quick updates, with hopefully a longer one coming tomorrow or Friday...

First, had my 36 week visit and non-stress test today. Having regular contractions (and decently strong ones) every 5 minutes. Baby is very reactive and is not a big fan of being on the monitors (he tries to kick them off pretty much the entire time). However, all of those weeks of contractions haven't made any progress towards getting me to my Bishop score (and induction at 39 weeks).  Might be TMI, but no real cervical change to speak of. This is a bummer, because I had already made good progress with both Sophie and Josh by this point. I still have a few weeks, so here's hoping. My fear is that after delivering two giant children (9 lbs 1 oz and 8 lbs 13 oz) the hard way, this one might be a c-section. Still thinking positive...we'll check again next week!

Second, I had an email when I got home that my USMLE step 2 CK board results were in. I took them on 12/21, and I figured it would be about 6 weeks before they would be back. I was nervous to open the file...I knew odds were in my favor that I passed, but until the scores actually come, you don't know that. Once the pdf opened, I could see the words "PASS" on the score report. I scrolled down to morbidly check the score, and it was a tiny bit better than I expected--a similar percentile to what I scored on Step 1, though a slightly higher numerical score. I wasn't near the astronomical scores many of my classmates got, but 1) I'm going into medicine, so not a big deal, and 2) scoring just slightly above the mean is completely fine by me, especially for the (lack of) studying and taking the 9 hour test during my third trimester. I always wonder if I could've done better, but at this point, I'm glad it is over!

Passing both Step 2 CS (the standardized patient exam I took in September) and Step 2 CK (this computer based test) means I can officially graduate from medical school in May and enter a residency program! It also means I don't have to re-shell out the several thousand dollars those tests cost me. Glad to have that major hurdle out of the way!

Now, I only have to pass Step 3 in residency, then the internal medicine boards, then specialty boards...

I refuse to think about the lifetime of tests I have before me. It's nice to have progress on my medical career, no matter how incremental.

Here's hoping that progress rubs off on other parts of my life soon :) Come on baby, let's make some progress towards that Bishop score!

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